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Although it can sometimes be difficult in what are often emotionally-charged circumstances, First Aiders need to remain as calm and objective as possible, especially when there is a medical emergency.
First aid covers a multitude of skill sets and responses to many medical situations. Its primary aim, is to provide immediate medical care and treatment that will either resolve the situation or provide an essential short-term emergency stop-gap until professional medical assistance is in place
Our course covers all of the key topics including: emergency planning, assessing a situation, basic Life Support, CPR, shock, fractures, bleeding and a range of other minor illness and injuries. Paediatric first aid is a skill that would be useful for anyone that works with children and infants including those working in nursery's, schools and pre-school environments, as well as professional childminders, club leaders and sports coaches

*Please be aware that having a theoretical knowledge on its own is not enough to be considered competent in paediatric first aid and practical demonstration in some areas is required to complete this training.
  1. Introduction to Paediatric First Aid
  2. Planning and Preparation
  3. Essential First Aid Knowledge and Skills
  4. Basic Life Support
  5. Fractures and Head Injuries
  6. Shock, Bleeding and Dressing Wounds
  7. Specific Medical Conditions
  8. Minor Injuries
  9. First Aid Documentation and First Aid Kits
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115 minutes

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