Noise awareness

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This IIRSM approved course is aimed at people that work in industries where excessive noise is a potential hazard including factories, manufacturing, hospitality, construction etc.
One of the key points this course is intended to teach is why it is so important to undertake and action points outlined in a noise risk assessment and why understanding the risks will mean workers are much more likely to consistently adhere to them
This course explains how dangerous noise can be in the workplace, and the main safety issues you should be aware of. The course covers the main laws that apply and introduce you to noise level limits. It also details some of the specific health risks and how to avoid them by producing risk assessments, action plans and through the provision of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment as well as examining how to provide information and instructions to employees, along with the most professional way to conduct workforce health surveillance.
3d rendering of a single red and white electric megaphone with a handle stands on a blue background. Public speaking. Crowd control. Grab attention.
  1. Noise in the Workplace
  2. Legislation
  3. Health Risks
  4. Action Plans
  5. Prioritising Controls
  6. Personal Protective Equipment
  7. Information and Health Surveillance
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100 minutes

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