Providing competitive exchange rates and services with our trusted FX partner in the City of London
Securing a good exchange rate for your regular currency transactions is the easiest way to boost your company's bottom line, and both multi-national companies and smaller businesses with family overseas can benefit greatly from this service.
We offer considerable savings on exchange rates through our scheme with our trusted FX partner 'Global Reach' in the City of London, as well as accessing a range of Foreign Exchange solutions to help your business prosper. Global Reach has dedicated specialists who have the market insight, trading knowledge and industry experience to be able to monitor trends and rates to find the optimum moment to exchange currency.

Foreign Exchange Services include

Bank Fees

Regardless of the size or regularity of your currency transactions, your bank fees can be reduced saving you considerable amounts by using an FX partner via Global FDI and Global Reach.

Spot Contracts

Whether you need to make payments to an overseas supplier or use foreign exchanges as part of a longer risk management strategy, by using Spot Contracts your company can take advantage of an exchange rate or currency movement instantly.

✔  Competitive rates

✔  Immediate rate fix and transfer, enabling you to settle transactions quickly

✔  Your company will also have access to all major and emerging currency pairs

The process is simple and straightforward which can make a real difference to a company’s bottom line.

Market Orders

Many factors including political and economic changes can impact the value of a country’s currency.

Market orders can enable you to react to these sudden fluctuations in currency values by agreeing a rate and time period in advance to buy or sell when a currency pair hits a certain rate.

Forward Contracts

To remove the risk of currency fluctuations, businesses can use forward contracts to secure these rates for future payments.

A rate is agreed in advance and a contract created to utilise the currency purchased at that agreed forward rate for a certain time period, from one week up to two years in advance.

This service can give a business certainty regardless of the market volatility and alleviate some financial risks for those that trade internationally.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting with a financial representative to find out how we can best help your business: +44 (0)1444 473718