Financial Technology is today’s fastest growing industry and as the FinTech capital of Europe, the UK is one of the most exciting and attractive locations in the World for market leaders. In 2016 investment into FinTech projects in the UK by global investors accounted for 50% of its 20 billion market.
At Global FDI we have been working with some of Europe’s leading FinTech firms since market infancy and have developed a range of services bespoke to our FinTech clients, providing essential support behind the scenes so that business owners can focus on operations and development:

Legal Services

In a growing and ever changing industry it is vital your business stays compliant with UK law and evolving legislation. Global FDI will ensure you have watertight contracts and agreements in place for all aspects of your business and will keep you informed on relevant new legislation, such as the upcoming changes to digital data protection laws.

Services include:

✔  Data Protection Policy (GDPR compatible)
✔  Digital Data Protection Policy
✔  Freelance & Consultancy Agreements
✔  Service Level Terms and Agreements
✔  Business Terms & Conditions

✔  Business Expenses Policy
✔  Bribery Act policy
✔  Website T&Cs, privacy policy & disclaimers
✔  24/7 advice & support on legislation
✔  Bilingual support

HR & Payroll

Human capital is your competitive advantage in the fast-moving FinTech sector and never before has it been so vital to recruit new talented individuals to stay ahead of the game. At Global FDI we help you find, retain and manage your staff in addition to taking care of your day to day HR and payroll functions.

Services include:

✔ Talent management – helping you find and retain your most valuable staff
✔ Employee engagement audits and reward policies
✔ Employment contracts
✔ Bespoke staff handbooks

✔  Advice on Employee relations
✔   Compliance with Employment law
✔   Full PAYE payslip preparation, issue and reports
✔   24/7 bilingual advice & support

Health & Safety

Global FDI provides companies across the UK with 5+ employees with full Health & Safety audits and training to be compliant with UK law. We are an accredited provider of the 1 day IOSH working safely courses for managers and staff and the only UK provider to offer this training in Spanish or German. Ensure your office environment is a safe place to work, protect your staff and keep your staff!

Services include:

✔  Health & Safety statements of intent
✔  Health & Safety policy (for 5+ employees)
✔  Environmental Policy Statements
✔  Waste Management Documents

✔  Fire Risk Assessments
✔  Workplace Risk Assessment
✔  Accredited IOSH working safely staff training courses
✔  24/7 bilingual advice & support

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide a comprehensive service with bilingual support where our qualified team handles all of your company’s accounting needs remotely and efficiently, in-house. Simply scan us your documents and receipts and we will handle the rest. If you already have an accounts provider and require an affordable option with support in your native language you will be surprised how easy it is to switch.

Services include:

✔  Monthly bookkeeping
✔  VAT registration and correspondence with HMRC
✔  Quarterly VAT returns

✔  Annual Accounts
✔  Cloud based software with online access for clients to view
✔  24/7 bilingual advice & support

Company Formations & Administration

For all international companies trading in the UK it is recommended you set up a UK entity (branch or subsidiary) for your business for ease of tax and operational purposes. Global FDI can provide expert advice and take care of the set up and all of your ongoing statutory obligations, removing the need for business owners to be in the country.

Services include:

✔  Company formation (UK branch or subsidiary)
✔ Director & shareholder certificates
✔  Registration with Companies House
✔ Registered Office Address in London or Sussex
✔ Company Secretary services

✔ Registration with HMRC
✔ Correspondence handling and mail forwarding
✔ Maintenance of all statutory registers
✔ Data protection, Insurance & compliance
✔ 24/7 bilingual advice & support

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