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This course aimed at supervisors and managers that want to develop effective conflict resolution methods.
The Confederation of British Industry estimates that the cost of workplace conflict is around £33 Billion each year. It also estimates that up to 20% of leaders time is spent dealing with conflict and then there are the intangible costs such as reduction in loyalty, commitment, motivation, teamwork and morale.
This course will explain what constitutes conflict in the workplace as well as some of the most common causes and the effects this can have on the workforce. It covers the stages and build up to a workplace conflict and outlines conflict resolution techniques that can be applied at any stage of this build up. As well as the negative impacts of conflict the course also explores how effective management can result in positive outcomes in the workplace. These can be the development of shared ideas, the ability to reach compromises through increased trust and creating an environment where differences of opinion are celebrated and considered rather than shut down.
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  1. The Causes and Symptoms of Conflict at Work
  2. Resolving Conflict
  3. The Five Conflict Modes
  4. Using the Modes
  5. Assertiveness
  6. Making Positive Outcomes
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