Forming Corporations and Establishing UK Subsidiaries for International Businesses

30 years experience in helping establish international companies in the UK and Ireland
Here at Global FDI we provide a full planning consultancy service and Company formation packages that cover the essential requirements for establishing and managing your presence here in the UK or Ireland.

Limited Company v UK Establishment

Limited Company

A UK company or subsidiary has a separate legal personality and can create a more permanent presence here in the UK. It is the most popular method with many of our international clients as it can be quicker and cheaper than forming a UK Establishment.

UK Establishment

A UK Establishment is still subject to UK Law but does not have a separate legal personality to its parent company. It can take a few weeks to set up a branch as it requires further documents and translations, if not already in English, and can therefore be more expensive.

The most important part is the planning......
We understand that the most important aspect of setting up a company is the planning. Our specialist consultants can support and advise you every step of the way. Our comprehensive service includes everything from time-management and planning shareholdings, to meeting all statutory obligations and registrations.

Our Company Formation Packages Include

  1-2-1 Consultation on Company Formations & Venture Planning
Understanding the legislative framework
Advise on compliance with your statutory obligations & registrations
Time-line on tasks and obligations whilst setting up
Planning your shareholdings
Optimising the fiscal aspects of the project
Determining how the UK Company and its Parent will collaborate

  Registering your company with Companies House
Company Secretarial Duties
Registering with the various tax authorities
Assistance with opening a UK Bank account
Health & Safety legislation & compliance
Advise on Data protection laws and Insurance
Language Support in Spanish and German