30 years experience in helping establish international companies in the UK or Ireland
Company formations are the cornerstone of our service and we provide a full venture planning & consultancy service which together cover the essential requirements for establishing and managing your presence in the UK or Ireland.
We understand that the most important aspect of the company formation process is the planning phase and we are able to support and advise you every step of the way. Planning your venture thoroughly in advance will help you avoid surprises further down the line that could potentially stop put your project and start date at risk, and impact greatly on its profitability. Our comphrehensive service includes everything from time-management and planning shareholdings, to meeting statutory obligations and opening a bank account. Once we have established your unique requirements simply leave everything with us to do the rest.

What we include

✔  1-2-1 Consultation on Company Formations & Venture Planning
✔  Understanding the legislative framework
✔  Compliance with statutory obligations & registrations
✔  Advice on duties ie opening a bank account and obtaining a VAT number
✔  Time-line on tasks and obligations before project launch
✔  Planning your shareholdings
✔  Optimising the fiscal aspects of the project
✔  Determining how the UK Company and its Parent will collaborate
✔  Consultancy on variations in Company Formations and shareholders

✔  Registering your Company with Companies House
✔  Registering your Company with various tax and licensing authorities
✔  Checking your business is compliant with current legislation
✔  Bank account opening
✔  Health & Safety legislation & compliance
✔  Data protection laws
✔  Insurance cover, public liability, employer’s liability
✔  Advice on the legislative differences between the UK and Spain (if required)
✔  Bilingual Spanish Support (if required)

Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation to discuss how we can best help your business:
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