Improve efficiency and avoid costly miscommunication
At Global FDI we are a mix of fluent and native Spanish speakers and specialise in working with Spanish owned businesses operating in the UK. Bilingual support is a vital part of our service, and saves our clients considerable time and energy otherwise spent on translating or correcting misunderstandings.
It means there are no barriers to communication, so that even complex questions can be asked and dealt with in detail, right away, without any important points getting lost in translation. We also keep abreast of the trading, regulatory and tax differences between operating in Spain and the UK, and will advise and flag up anomalies to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible.

our bilingual services & benefits

✔  Team of fluent & native Spanish speakers
✔  Free of charge service
✔  Save on costly translation fees
✔  Legal terminology and jargon explained
✔  Advice on Spanish V UK legislation
✔ Correspondence and meetings conducted in Spanish
✔ Translation and explanation of technical issues in our clients’ native language.

Spanish speaking services:
✔  Accounting & Bookkeeping
✔  Consultancy & Venture Planning
✔  Company Formation
✔  Company Administration
✔  Legal Services
✔  HR & Payroll Services
✔  Health & Safety Compliance & Training

Spanish Speaking Accountant & Bookkeeping Services

As fluent and native Spanish speaking accountants and bookkeepers we offer our Spanish partners full bilingual support to help avoid any costly misunderstandings and to ensure the smooth running of your business.

✔Explanation of anomalies & tax differences between trading in the UK and Spain to help you avoid the common pitfalls
✔Correspondence on your behalf with HMRC
✔Explanation of your accounts in Spanish
✔Answer your questions quickly and accurately in Spanish

For more information please speak to our team: +44 (0)1444 473 718