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Abrasive Wheels
Course Duration 4 hours
Courses provided onsite or at our training centre
Courses in English, Spanish or German*
Certificates upon successful completion
Courses for up to 12 people
*Other languages available. Please contact us for more information
Who can take this course?
The Abrasive Wheels training course is designed for all operatives who use, store, select and mount abrasive wheels and disks whether on portable or bench-mounted machines. This course is suitable for anyone who uses abrasive wheels within the workplace especially in the construction, engineering and foundry industries.
Why choose this course?
Accidents involving abrasive wheels are usually due to an unsafe work system or an operator error, so it is important to provide those using portable or bench-mounted machines the necessary training. The course will advise on the precautions needed for the safe use of abrasive wheels ensuring a safe working environment and preventing accidents and injuries associated with the use of these machines.
Train your workers onsite for up to 12 people or at our training centre near London Gatwick Airport
The Abrasive Wheels Training will provide Delegates with general safety when using the equipment including selecting the right machinery and personal protection equipment. This course will also provide them with the skills to be able to store, handle and transport abrasive wheels and provide the knowledge required to prevent accidents and injuries.
Course Includes:

1) The hazards and risks
2) Types and designs of wheels
3) Inspection, testing and storage
4) Mounting of wheels
5) Ensuring a safe working environment
6) Selecting the correct Personal Protection Equipment
7) Questions and Answers

There is a multiple choice assessment at the end of the training course and all delegates will receive a certificate upon completion
  • Course content tailored to your specific industry and working practices
  • Courses presented in either English, German or Spanish
  • Training material and assessments provided in English, German or Spanish
  • Structure and presentation of the course is conducted by our highly qualified trainers
  • Qualified/native translator will accompany the trainer for courses in German or Spanish
  • We can come to your workplace or courses can be held at our training centre
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